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Collect Data in Backend

  • Hi guys, thanks for your excellent job.
    I wonder if it’s possible to store in the backend all the data I put in every custom field.

    We are running a Property Management system based on RealHomes for WP, and we add properties via a custom post which includes description, title, features, map, and everything.
    The customer is now asking to be able to assign a landlord (with name, telephone number, etc) to every property so he can browse all the landlords in the backend and see which properties are owned by them, but we are in deep sh** since there’s no functionality to do this in this RealHomes theme/system.

    So if I add 2 custom fields in the custom post: Name & Surname, I would like to display them in a sort of table or people database in the admin backend.

    we can pay to hire somebody that does the job, if necessary.

    thanks in advance!


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