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Collapsible ACF Blocks

  • Hi Team,

    I am finding when I have pages with lots of blocks added and plenty of content added to those blocks which do not have collapsible fields/groups, the edit page becomes so large that I am scrolling a huge amount to find any content that I am either trying to add or edit – primarily occurs with 3+ blocks added with content added to those blocks. I am finding that the blocks are always in the edit mode as the preview mode is essentially useless and content cannot be added in the tiny edit sidebar.

    It would be fantastic to have each block itself collapsible rather than just the flexible content field being collapsible – there are many instanced where flexible content is not being used in those blocks.

    Again there are many fields in blocks that are not collapsible and this is proving to be a bit of a nightmare to manage and scroll through content that either the clients or I are looking to add or edit.

    Just as the page field groups are collapsible, would be nice if the blocks could also do the same.



  • Hi Team,

    Just touching base on this again, hopefully this can get some consideration or acknowledgement.



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