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Collapse flexible content fields

  • I love the flexible content field, but when there are a lot of blocks, it gets hard to manage.
    A button to collapse all so you can find the right block you want to use would be helpful!
    Also, maybe colouring / separating the blocks a bit more so you can easily distinguish between one block and another?


  • I’m looking for something similar. It would be nice if there was an option to have them collapse by default.

    This overview is much cleaner and easier to edit
    Flexible content

    I use emojis (important only in the labels, not IDs) to distinguish them

  • Agreed. GitHub has a similar UI in commit view. There, alt-click on expand or collapse will affect all files on the page.

  • It has been awhile and I was thinking that this shouldn’t be to difficult and the basic function isn’t!

    I created a small function that creates a button for each flexible field on the page and when clicked it toggles the .-collapsed class to the fields. I’ve not tested this in depth, but adding this to your functions.php gives you the basic feature.

    I’ll be testing this out and if there are any changes I’ll update this gist

  • Would like to be able to collapse flexible-content-layouts (field-groups) as well! Would make it much easier to re-order as well.

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