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Collapse All Repeaters

  • Hi, It would be great to have a “Collapse All” option for repeaters. I’m occasionally working with dozens of repeaters, each with lots of fields. When I want to add a new one at or near the top, it’s a real pain to drag it up there. Being able to collapse all would definitely simplify this. Thanks!

  • I don’t know about collapsing them, but there is a (+) in above each repeater row that can be used to add a row at that position rather than adding them at the bottom and dragging them up.

  • Thanks John! That definitely helps. Though collapsing all would still be a nice feature.

  • I just discovered that if I hold down shift when clicking the collapse toggle on a single row, it will collapse or expand all of the adjacent and nested rows.

    I’m on a mac, but imagine it would be the same on Windows.

  • Interesting, on windows Shift+Alt+click

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