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Code – HTML – Script field for Hubspot form

  • Hello there,
    I am building out a site and have ACF Pro. I am working on a field group that requires a Hubspot form to be placed on individual custom post types.
    For example – Events Field Group
    Event Title
    Event description
    Event speakers
    Hubspot form code.

    There is a different Hubspot form for each event and the Admin needs to enter this code in the Custom Post Type Events, to keep them from messing with the Elemntor template created specifically for Events. Normally I would just create individual event pages that are cloned from a master, but the client wants to have the events as a Loop.

    Can this be done – A field for this code? I have tried the WYSIWYG and have tried the Text area with no formatting, but nothing seems to work.
    ANY help is greatly appreciated.

  • I think the problem is I don’t believe HubSpot supports multiple forms on the same page. You should contact HubSpot to confirm. I would not have a mass amount of forms on the same page anyway, ask the client why they want them on the same page, you can’t share events easily, you cant link to specific events, it makes it worse for SEO, it’s not a good idea and with HubSpot forms, doesn’t even work.

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