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Code assistance needed

  • Hi there,

    I am sorry I´m not a professional on programming and things like this.

    I installed ACF and wonder how I can make my new field appear on my woocommerce shop.

    I just wanted to have an additional product desciption on the product page, where I can add additional text to my products. The user does not have to write something it should just be more information about the product.

    Everythind worked fine but the new text field is not apperaring on the product page on the frontend website.

    Do I really have to insert code in the theme´s php file ?

    If yes in which file is this neccassary ? Where exactly in the file do I have to do this ?? Which code ?

    Can I manage this easier buying the PRO version of AFC ?

    I am really not experienced with that.

    Could you please help me a little bit ??

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,


  • Yes, you need to add code to a php file. It will be one of the WC templates. I can’t give you guidance on that. You’ll need to refer to the WC documentation to figure that out.

    No, buying the pro version will not change this.

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