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Cluttered Rows UI

  • I’ve created a repeater fieldset. Every row has 6 subfields.

    As soon as the first row is populated, the admin UI is cluttered.
    After a second row is added, eyeballing the admin screen to get an idea of how many rows exist is impossible.

    Drag-drop re-ordering of rows becomes confusing labour.

    I discovered a plugin called advanced-custom-field-repeater-collapser.
    It hasn’t been updated for years, and is broken against the current version of ACF.

    This is a very frustrating thing to encounter: I can think of two possible solutions: augmenting the UI with custom code (thus making the use of ACF much more labour intensive) or looking at the plugin marketplace for alternatives.

    Are there existing solutions for this issue?

  • ACF includes build in repeater collapsing. You just need to specify what field to show when collapsed. There are also several layout options for repeaters, have you tried the different layouts to see what they look like?

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