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Cloned field with no label in a Row layout

  • I have a Repeater field (same issue with a Group field) set to display as Row. In the repeater or group I have a Clone field set to seamlessly clone all fields in a field group. The group contains a Flexible Content field with no label. (I have a feeling it doesn’t matter what type of field this is as long as it doesn’t have a label.) In this case the cloned field will show up in the left column of the repeater or group.

    Bug screenshot:

  • With labels on the left you are going to have this issue with any field that does not have a label. The label is floating on the left and this causes the fields to align on the right.

    You can either add a label to the field or you can add custom CSS to your admin pages to add a left margin to the field input.

  • I’m just wondering, since the Label is an optional field, and in this case omitting the label breaks the layout, why wouldn’t this be considered a bug? Shouldn’t ACF check if the label is empty and account for it?

  • You can submit it as a bug here

    I have never used a field without a label and I’d probably have a label.

    Have you tried entering something like   in the label field?

    If that failed and I really needed to no have a label then I’d probably use the custom CSS method.

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