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Clone inside a repeater

  • I’ve created a repeater and inside added a clone group, yet all I get on the front-end is ‘NULL’.

    foreach( $logins as $login ) { 
        $introduction = $login['introduction'];
        $buttons = $login['button'];
        foreach( $buttons as $button ) {
            $button_style       = $button['button_style'];
            $button_size        = $button['button_size'];
            $button_link        = $button['button'];
            $button_url         = $button_link['url'];
            $button_title       = $button_link['title'];
            $button_target      = $button_link['target'] ? $button_link['target'] : '_self';
            echo '<a href="'. $button_url .'" class="c-button c-button--'. $button_size .' c-button--'. $button_style .'" target="'. $button_target .'">'. $button_title .'</a>';

    The clone is set to ‘Seamless’

  • Where is your repeater loop? Is the above code inside of your repeater loop?

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