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Clone Fields

  • Creating a Flex Content field and each layout needs clones of different field groups I created.

    Ive added a whole bunch successfully, but now i get a JS error when Im searching for the field to clone.

    “Uncaught TypeError: b.slice is not a function”

    the best i can tell is that ACF sends an ajax request with the String im searching for…and on response it would split the response in order to build the Select2 field options…but nothing is getting returned si it has nothing to splice….which now i wonder why nothing returns…as im searching for the field just like ive always done.

    I do know ACF has delt with an empty return of search data…

    Now I can create a new group and add at least 12 clone fields.

    My questions is are there limits on the number of fields?

    Just trying to figure out why it works on new field but not the one I want to edit.

  • The most likely cause of this is a PHP error that is causing the request to return an unexpected value. You can try turning on error logging to see if you can find out what’s going on

  • I believe it is a limit on fields.

    In the submission to the ajax call it passes all the fields of my flex content.

    I slashed some groups im not using anymore and it works now.

    I guess i should have taken a backup…

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