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Clone Field Suggestion

  • Thank you EVER so much for the clone field! Of course, now I have to go back through all my projects and integrate it. 😉

    One suggestion: I use the Width setting in my fields quite often to build nice layouts (my forms are almost all on the front-end, not wp-admin) but with the clone field, it looks like you currently have to set the Width in the “parent” field (the one that is being cloned). It would be nice to be able to set the width on a clone-by-clone basis so that we have the same control over layout that we had before.


  • Hi @arcanepsyche ,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, we really appreciate.

    I am going to mark this ticket for the developer to look into.

    Thank once more 🙂

  • +1!

    Clone field is a great feature and it’s need the width option.

  • I’d like to second this – without the width option I can’t usually use the clone field as it doesn’t work in the layouts I’m creating.

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