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Clone field saves as array instead of text

  • Hmm, some strange issue I’ve got here; it used to work before but now somehow a clone field saves a plain text value as array. I have no idea when and why this happened.

    This is the setup:
    I have a hidden field group with a couple of text fields and one OpenStreetMap field (3rd-party extension).
    In another field group I’m cloning all fields of the first group in seamless mode and without prefix. In my template I’m simply getting the original field names.

    Here are some screenshots:
    hidden field group to be cloned
    clone field setup

    I’m loading the fields like $v_ort = get_field('vo_name'); and get an array to string conversion error. If I revisit the page in admin the field has a JSON object as value, like it saved all field values in this group in one database entry:
    erroneous field value

    I seem to remember having seen a thread about something like this here on this forum before but I can’t find it anymore.

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