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Clone field label

  • Hi,
    I have a lot of clone fields and in the field group edit page there are two options to display labels:

    1)Parent field (%field_label%)
    2)child field + parent field (child field + %field_label%)

    This is very confusing, is there a way to display only the child field label of the field?

  • There is only one choice for field labels, to prefix them or not to prefix them and they are always shown as “Clone Label %field_label%”

    If you have other choices then you have some other modifications that are not part of ACF.

    To not prefix labels you just set it to “No”

  • Thanks John, in this case I think the simplest way is leave the parent title field blank and write it into the field description instead. In the cloned field the parent description field can be hide using css display: none
    I have 15 field groups, approximately 10 parent field for each group and 3/4 child field for each parent field. It will take a bit of time so I was looking for an easiest solution, but I can do it 🙂

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