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Client Admin Page for ACF

  • I’m just getting to grips with the basics of ACF and am impressed so far.
    I understand how to set up custom fields on a page or group of pages, and how to set up the page template to display those fields.

    To make life easier for a client is it possible to set up one client admin page where the client can edit all custom fields (different field groups for different pages) in one place?

    EG say the client wants to update a custom field on the home page, a different custom field on Page A, and yet another different custom field on page B, does that client need to visit all 3 pages separately, or is it possible to set up one central ‘client admin’ page where he can update all the custom fields?

    It looks like Options Pages in ACF Pro may enable this?

    Is there another method of achieving this?

    I’m happy to pay for ACF Pro but just want to learn what all the options are.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • That depends on if these are “Options” that apply to multiple pages or values that only apply to a specific page.

    If what you’re doing is the second thing then the client would need to edit each page.

  • Thanks John

    What about this scenario:
    Custom Field A which only applies to page A, Custom Field B which only applies to page B, Custom Field C which has the same value for both pages C & D?
    Is it possible to edit all of these custom fields in one ‘central’ location, ie one Client Admin page?

  • Yes, you could do this, but it would be very complex and not something that ACF would let you do out “of the box”. You would need to build your options page and then every time the page is saved you’d need to apply the changes to each page that it needs to apply to. I can think of other possibilities but they just get more and more complex.

    Also, this would in the end be confusing for most of the clients I deal with, since they need to figure out where to edit it and what applies where. It is far easier for clients to understand that when they want to alter something on a specific page that they edit that page.

  • Hi John,
    That all makes sense but now I’m wondering what do the Option Pages in ACF Pro do?

  • I use them for several things.

    Theme options – header, footer, SM links, other settings and things that are used site-wide

    Post type options – I add these options pages to each post type. There isn’t a way in WP to edit the “Archive” pages for a post type. This lets me give the client a way to adjust these pages so I don’t have to hard code anything (except maybe default values).

    I also recently created an options page that allows one client to manage the select-able values in several ACF select fields. This gives the client the ability to modify the values that can be selected without actually giving them access to edit the ACF field groups.

    I also build custom plugins. Options pages work perfectly for creating settings pages for my plugins.

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