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Clearifications with WPML – Rules dublication issue

  • Hi

    Im trying to track down a problem and I would need some input on the issue.

    Ive got 4 Rules in pair like:
    Post type = page AND Logged in user = Administrator OR
    Post type = contents AND Logged in user = Administrator OR
    Post type = documentations AND Logged in user = Administrator OR
    Post type = post AND Logged in user = Administrator

    But it actually doesnt matter, couse the issue occurs in the simplest setup with more than 1 Single Rule

    Sometimes SOME of the “Rules” of the ACF fields dont dublicates and get lost on translated dublicated custom fields.

    I tried to track with both standard English as default language (And the ACF created in that lang) – dublicate to next lang. And also, set Another langauage as default lang (And the ACF created in that lang) – dublicate to English (as En is now secondary lang).

    Each scenario “looses” one or Two rules, or a single rule in a pair rule – diffrently from each language setup mentioned above.

    Here is my setup: 3.7x latest ACF and WPML – with all addons for ACF and WPML

    Workflow clean install:
    1) Setup default lang and secondary lang (WPML)
    2) Make field_group translatable (WPML)
    3) Set
    — Allorany
    — Hide on screen
    — Layout
    — Position
    — Rule
    To “dublicate” (WPML)

    Then Ill goto my Custom fields in default language:

    – Choose a CF with edit
    – Dublicate to secondary language
    – Save the original CF before leaving
    – Click on the “pen” or “flag” to switch to the new dublicated ACF.

    Now, I can only se the first row of rule
    – immediately click on “publish” (WPML puts it in draft mode)
    Now, All the rules are visible, and everything works fine in the install

    Exept that sometimes a single row of rule, and sometimes the rest of the rules does not show up.

    It does not matter if I made the dublicated version “independent”, but Im trying to avoid that anyway.

    My workflow should be correct, Correct? …

    There is ONE thing to mention, there is the radio options for each created field id in the choice of “Translate” in the WPML settings. Checking EVERY radio of EVERYTHING except th ACF _unserscored_variables DO IMPROVE, like They are visible in “draft mode” directly after the dublication process.

    But still some single row of rule is missing.

    The total install works fine, it is just the Rule of the view that is spooky.

    If I made the dbb “independent” and manually “add” the missing rule -The presence in diffrent edit screen accordning to my settings are correct.

    But I don wanna make them independent or adding unneccecery “radio” options for the data fields – they are working without that – Just to get the “Rules” to work…

    ANY conclusions or TIP
    S makes a Swede more Happy with Australian Open…

  • Hi @intervik

    Thanks for all the info. I wasn’t aware of these issue with WPML, but will soon take a look for better compatibility.

    For now, unfortunately you will need to manually add in the missing data.


  • Ok, I keep the topic open for a while, until then, I have to make shure to NOT update / edit the original field. The “manually” added rule then get lost again.

    As mentioned, A small multilang install, it is ok to re-do the missing parts, but when having 3 or more secondary langs, it getting anoying and take time to add for each language.

    / Thanks for looking into this.

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