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Clarification about Taxonomy vs Taxonomy Terms

  • I would like to clarify what the ACF options refer to when I choose “Post Taxonomy” or “Taxonomy Term” when creating a field group and its rules.

    When using the core WordPress function register_taxonomy(), the first argument is the taxonomy name. This establishes what a taxonomy is: it’s the group of terms.

    However when choosing “Post Taxonomy” in the “Show this field group if” options in ACF, what we are shown instead is a list of all taxonomies and their terms.

    When we choose “Taxonomy Terms”, we get all the taxonomies.

    Shouldn’t these two be switched?

  • Yes, it a little confusing, and I don’t have the answer. I think it might have something to do with the actual locations. When you select “Taxonomy Term” the field groups will appear with editing a Term in the Taxonomy. When selecting “Post Taxonomy” This is more of a generic “Post Category” or “Post Tag”. I don’t think there is a really good generic way to say “Post Term in any Built in or Custom Taxonomy”. At least that’s my guess at the developer’s thinking when he created these.

  • It makes sense that the desired location would be what the option refers to, but you’re really choosing the desired location in the 3rd dropdown of the rule. That’s demonstrated much clearer when you choose the Page Template in dropdown 1, and all of the page templates appear in dropdown 3.

    Dropdown 1 = Group of potential desired locations

    Dropdown 2 = Equals/not equals (irrelevant in my example)

    Dropdown 3 = Desired location

    It seems to be set up like that for everything in dropdown 1, but Taxonomy and Taxonomy Term are just displaying the wrong stuff. Anyway it’s not a big deal, but I thought I’d throw my observation out there because taxonomies are arguably the most confusing thing to wrap your head around as a WordPress newbie and having this (maybe) naming mixup could fluster some people.

    PS. I’m also not sure why the final optgroup “Forms” is the most suitable place for Taxonomy Term.

  • Yes, taxonomies are probably one of the most difficult things to wrap your head around, especially for non-programmers that are not used to dealing with abstract concepts. It might be worth you submitting a new ticket to get the developer’s opinions on your ideas.

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