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Checking a value after acf_form submit

  • Context:
    1) User submits an invoice via front end form
    2) User receives email with submission details
    2b) Internal (billing dept.) receives similar email noting the new invoice

    The code:
    Function 1: acf/save post; check for true/false field; IF false, fire wp_mail(). IF TRUE, bail on the mail function. The T/F indicates whether this email has been sent ever (once only).

    $has_been_saved = $_POST['acf']['field_599dcb7c607d2'];
    if($has_been_saved == 1) {

    << Run all the wp_mail() stuff. >>

    Function 2: IF TRUE/FALSE == 0, update_field TRUE

    $has_been_saved = $_POST['acf']['field_599dcb7c607d2'];
    if($has_been_saved !== 1) {
         update_field('field_599dcb7c607d2', true, $post_id);

    This works great!

    Here’s the part I can’t seem to sort out:

    1) When pay period is ending, internal employee logs in to ‘issue payment’
    2) Once payment is issued, fire wp_mail() indicating a check has been cut.

    The means of indicating is “Payment Issued” is another acf_form on the CPT invoice including a DATE field. Once selected and submitted, this should run through a similar check as above — IF there’s an issued date AND T/F == false (indicating the payment issued email hasn’t ever been sent) run wp_mail. THEN update_field() T/F to TRUE to prevent this mail from sending again.

    I don’t fully grasp when the acf_form sends in relation to acf/save_post.

    update_fields() is working here but can’t seem to get a passed check against the fields to run wp_mail.

    To summarize –
    When acf_form submitted, save_post() check T/F for “mail has been sent”, if FALSE, send mail then update_field to TRUE. If already TRUE, bail on the mail.

    Is there a better way to run through this logic?


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