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Checkbox record date / time ACF + Advanced Forms

  • Hi, I’m a relatively newbie but I’ve created two forms with ACF Pro in combination with Advanced Forms (Share this article and Feedback). Now I would like to record the date and time after ticking a checkbox for the GDPR Privacy Compliance. Important is that this date + time is being send in the confirmation e-mail.
    I know this thread but since I use Advanced Forms i’m not sure what way to go. Thanks in advance!

  • How you would send this in the email I cannot answer. You’d have to ask the developer of Advanced Forms. There is probably a filter in that plugin, but I’m not familiar with it so I can’t say for sure.

    The same for recording the date in the database. The only think I can say here is that you’ll need another custom field to store the date into.

  • Okey thank you! I’ll ask him.

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