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Checkbox options pulled from values of other fields

  • Hello!

    I love ACF! It is amazing and it keeps getting better. I have a personal project in mind where I want to compare hotels and tour companies side-by-side to make vacation planning easier. I plan to have the ability to add hotels with prices etc and available tour packages, plus the ability to add independent tour companies. Then on the front-end view of the post you can toggle hotels, number of nights there, who to get tours from etc. and prices will be laid out and totaled together. Then I’ll have some maps and embedded pinterest boards all kinds of goodies… I am excited about it!

    Now here is where I need help: some tour companies pick up from specific locations only, and if a hotel is not near that location, I would like to have a checkbox in the post editor that will exclude a tour company when viewing the appropriate hotel on the front-end. So basically, I want to be able to create checkbox options in real time that are pulled from what I input in another field.

    I have seen the tutorial on populating choices from the Options page ( and I wonder if this could be utilized for what I want to achieve. However I’m not comfortable enough with php functions to just jump in and try it. If anyone out there can help, please do! By the way, I do not have the options page add-on and I would rather not spend the money on it just for this, especially if it can’t be done!

  • I know this is an older question an the OPer has probably moved on, so this for anyone else looking for similar information.

    The page indicated can be used for populating checkbox choices or radio field choices as well as select choices. You need to use the post ID of the page where you have the choices loaded that you want to use when getting the values from the other location. $value = get_field('field_name', $post_id);

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