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Checkbox layout

  • There are now 2 options of checkbox layout ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’
    Would be good to have 2/3 columns in vertical layout, because if you have for example 20 checkboxes, then in vertical layout you get much scrolling, and horizontal layout looks bad, it’s not user friendly.
    So sorting it in columns in vertical layout would be good option

  • Hi @bobz

    Thanks for the idea. For now, are you able to do this via CSS in the admin?


  • If the user selected ‘3 rows’, would it be acceptable for all the checkbox fields to ‘float left’ with a width of 33% ?

    This means that the checkbox values will go from left to right across multiple rows.

  • Hi,

    I have added my custom CSS for now, and it looks better: and it’s more user friendly.

    I think 33% option would do fine.


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