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Checkbox Issues :(

  • Hello,

    For some reason one of the sites I built using ACF is having some issues with checkboxes. This website is using the latest ACF plugins as well as the latest WordPress. We recently realized that when we uncheck a checkbox from a custom post type we generated and update. The checkbox wont uncheck.

    Also we have a taxonomy field in the Options section. As soon as we try to check or uncheck a box, all of the Options pages custom fields disapear. The only thing left is the “Update” button, however when you update nothing saves.

  • Hi @afgarcia86

    1. Is it possible that you have another field on the page with the same field name? This would conflict with saving the value

    2. Is it possible that you have selected the ‘Save / Load terms to post’ option? In this case, it is not possible to save a term to the options page and may cause the save function to crash

  • @elliot thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately this is not the case for either of these problems. I do not have another field with the same value, and I do ot have “Save / Load terms to post” selected. I am happy to share my login credentials if you want to take a peak. Do you have a way of doing that?

  • Yes please.

    You can post the reply as a private one to hide the credentials

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  • Hey @elliot, just want to confirm that you received my credentials. I completely understand your busy, just hope when you get a chance you can solve this issue :D.

  • Hi @afgarcia86

    Thanks for the follow up.
    Yes, I am currently looking into the problems.

    I have identified the options page issue, but I am not sure where to find the ‘Company Info’.


  • Hi @afgarcia86

    Is your first issue related to the field group ‘Company Info’ containing a checkbox called ‘Hide on Investor Portfolio?’?

    I looked at this field and the choices were left empty. I added in ‘test’, and then saved a value for that field on a portfolio_company.

    Looks like it’s working fine

  • Hey @elliot you are right on with my first problem. I think I meant to use a true of false field there. Not sure how I missed that :(.

    Thanks again for your help. I hope bringing the second issue to your attention was somewhat helpful :D.

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