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Checkbox inside a repeater field.

  • Hello,

    I come to you because I have a query about using a “checkbox” inside a repeater field.

    I have configured my fields in wordpress and inside my code.

    I would like that according to the checked box, acf resume this content in the code.

    For example :

    First box: red
    Second box: blue

    I check the first box in the back office.

    However when I inspect the result I find this: “Array” instead of “red” (first box).

    Do you have any solutions to help me with this problem?

    Thank you !

  • You need to enter the values first and the labels second. So it should be:

    red : First Box
    blue : Second Box

  • Hello,

    Thanks for taking time to respond to me.

    I have just tried your solution and I still have a problem.


    In ACF: I put a value per line.


    – Red
    – Blue


    Once I check in the back office, on my website, the result displayed is “Array” while I would like it to take my checked value.

    Thank you for your help !

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