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checkbox html value

  • Hello, thanks for the great plugin
    i have some li i add it as checkbox Values why can’t use HTML CODE AS value in checkbox
    example <li class=wvc domain>Sometext : MYCHOOSE

  • Hi @5vlast

    All values that are entered into the choices of your field will appear as checkbox inputs.

    It is unususaly to place HTML as a value as this would break the checkbox input validation standards.

    I would advise you to remove the HTML for the values.

    May I ask why you want the values to contain HTML?

  • Hello thanks for the replay 🙂
    cos this li has different classes and contents tried allot of ways to defend css to the same li.
    and different posts may it content some of this li
    so this why i was traing to defend this li as html by choose box
    sorry if my english is bad not english talker

  • Why not use the class names as the value:

    wvc domain

    This way, the value will display and save correctly. You can then echo this value into a li tag if needs be in the template code

  • Thank you for the replay seems i did not explain enough that i have about 20 li with different classes so each post will display some of this li some all of them so how i can defend display of this li in this way in the li where i do not choose it will not display only the class but not all the li so what i am trying it to display/hide all the li
    i hope i could better explain

  • Hi @5vlast

    Perhaps you could include the code you are suing to interact with the checkbox field value

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