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checkbox field output

  • I am working on a repeater and one of my sub fields is a checkbox

    <?php the_sub_field(‘series’); ?>

    how can i get it to show the label, not the value?
    and how to i get it to not make them comma separated? i would like them to have another character as the separator.

  • 1) ACF Pro has a setting for checkbox field to return the value, label or both.

    2) Instead of using the_field()

    $values = get_field('your_field');
    echo implode('; ', $values);
    // or even something like
    echo '<span>',implode('</span><span>', $values),'</span>';
  • Sorry for the late response. i got
    Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed

    I checked, and the field is returning an array

  • I figured it out!
    <?php $series = get_sub_field(‘series’); ?>
    <?php foreach ($series as $serie): ?><?php echo $serie[‘value’]; ?><?php endforeach; ?>
    output label like this
    <?php foreach ($series as $serie): ?><?php echo $serie[‘label’]; ?><?php endforeach; ?>

  • John

    $values = get_field('your_field');
    echo implode('; ', $values);

    returns Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed

  • @braddalton what is the return value setting for the field? Does the field have a value? The code I provided was just a simple example and assumes that you are returning just values or just labels and not both values and labels and does not include any error checking.

  • Thanks for the quick reply John

    return value is value

    The checkbox has multiple choices as follows

    Bacterial over expression
    Insect cell over expression
    Embryonic kidney extract

    However, no default values have been set.

    I also used the example from your documentation under the Display Value sub heading and it returns another error


    Notice: Array to string conversion

    I assume this can be fixed by specifying both a value and label like this:

    red : Red

    However that will output the label for each when whats needed is comma delimited values only.

  • The code should work with the return value set as “value”

    // with checking
    if (get_field('colors')) {
      echo implode('; ', get_field('colors'));
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