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Check box issues

  • Hi, I want to have all my woo commerce product categories coming through on the back end of a post so that the user can choose the relevant product categories. Then on the front end I want to show the product categories that have been checked.

    I have set my checkbox up as a Field type of taxonomy and appearance as “check box”. With the Taxonomy pointing to the relevant product category and return value set to “Term Object”. This all comes through the back end as expected.

    Using <?php the_field('my_field_name'); ?> I get all the info back of every category empty or not, but I can’t see a way of knowing if the field is checked or not. Am I able to check if the box is “checked” so that I only show the boxes which were checked names on the front end?

    Any help appreciated.

  • Ok I got this to work as needed as a multi select. I’m currently using product categories taxonomy, is it possible to get the multi select to pick up the woo products instead of product categories?

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