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Changing URL – Field Group Disappears

  • With a new template installed on my site there is a page with the URL of /your-challenges. When changing this to any desired URL, the page no longer shows any of the field groups.

    This is confusing. I compared the fields which do show and the one’s which do not but this did not help my understanding whatsoever.

    Why is this happening? Why will the fields not adjust automatically? How can I make these fields show up on the same page with the new URL name?

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • This is only a guess, but I can only think of one reason that this would happen.

    There is a template file in the theme named “page-your-challenges.php”. This template is only used with a page with the slug “your-challenges” changing the url changes the page slug and the page template is not loaded and instead the template is being loaded.

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