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Changing field group name does not reflect in admin

  • Greetings. I had a custom field group for my general landing page template and the field group was called “General Landing: Hero”. I then changed that field group name to “Event Landing: Hero.” In the ACF field groups, the name change did take and it looks fine. However, when I create a new page using the general landing template, the sections where the fields are in the template are still showing the old “General Landing: Hero” title at the top of the field. Is this some sort of caching issue or does the meta key not get updated in the DB when one changes the name of a field group? None of the fields WITHIN the group had a name change, I was just renaming the group itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi @dkuhnexpression

    Is it possible that you have enabled the local JSON feature on your site?
    When enabled this feature will load field groups from JSON files on your theme and not from the database.
    Please take a look at this page for more info:

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