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Changing box label justification?

  • I am testing out the addition of metaboxes to my Custom Post Type using three methods: 1. ACF plugin, 2. WCK plugin, and 3. manual code class in functions.php.

    In this screengrab, you can see how all three use different formatting for metabox form labels and text entry boxes.


    The most appealing one to me is the final, manually-coded one, written by my developer using tabular HTML. I like the side-by-side format.
    By contrast, ACF’s metabox label formatting is flat – just labels followed by text entry boxes on the next line, at maximum width.

    What I am asking is – is it possible to change the layout of ACF’s metabox content? ie. move from new-line label justification to side-by-side?


  • Hi @iamrobertandrews

    To do it, you can always set the “Label placement” settings on your field group to “Left Aligned.” If you don’t like the style, you can also add your CSS style by using the acf/input/admin_head hook. This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Solved this by buying Pro with Label Positioning setting.

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