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Changed theme, lost my layout

  • I changed my theme, and forgot that my settings for the custom fields, had to be overdone again.
    I have succedeed to import the ‘custom fields’ into the new theme, but it don’t look especially nice.
    In which file should I do the changings to get a nice look?

  • Hi!

    When you change the theme your ACF fields are still there in the admin as well as their values on pages, posts etc.. However the new theme will most likely not display the fields since there’s no code for them in the theme-files.

    You wont have to do anything to ACF but rather add your fields to the theme-files in the way they where added to your previous theme. If you do not have the skills to do so you’ll either have to stick to your old theme or hire someone to fix the new one!

  • Ok, I get that. But I can’t find which page to input the code to get the layout I want to have. Any tip?

  • Sorry I have no idea.. but if it’s just about the type of page you’ve linked it’s either single.php or page.php depending on if its a post or page.. (it could also be a different file if the page is using a custom template). Some themes also use a different file for the loop in which most content is created and this is usually called loop.php.

    So you see why its hard to help out without actually doing the work and that’s a little too much work for me I’m afraid 🙂

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