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Change/update fields with preset values on post save?

  • I’ve got a strange issue here.

    I have a number of posts that will be created automatically with an xlm import to a custom post type.

    The post type has two pre-set dropdown fields – Position and Location.

    The import’s values for these fields is different than the options available – and I can’t change the import, or the existing field dropdowns.

    So my thought is, would there be a way if I add new fields for the import data, then on post save have a conditional statement that would update the existing fields based on imported field info.

    So for example, if the pre-set field for ‘MyLocation’ has dropdown options like:
    Vancouver (West)
    Vancouver (East)

    and the importing xml has an address
    “123 Main St. Vancouver”
    which is imported into a basic text field.

    Then i’d need to run a script that has “if XMLLocation = ‘123 Main St.’ then MyLocation = ‘Vancounver(West)’.

    I’m thinking the “acf/save_post” action would be able to do this, but was unsure how to set it up.

    I’m assuming the import plugin will trigger a post save when importing.

    Then something like :

    add_action('acf/save_post', 'change_location', 5);
    function change_location( $post_id ) {
    $locationField = get_field("location");
    $xmlLocationField = get_field("xml-location");
    if $xmlLocationField = "123 Main St." {
    $locationField = "Vancounver(West)";

    Does this make sense? Is it possible to change a field based on a second field’s value?

  • yes, the import will trigger a save post but it will not trigger acf/save_post because there are no acf fields in the import.

    What are you using to do the import?
    Do they have filters?
    Is it the import application ACF aware?

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