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Change Triggered without Change (Jquery Plugin)

  • Hi,
    I am using the Tag-It Plugin on a field and for some reason this triggers a change when the field already contains values. So without having made any changes to any fields (Tag-It field already contained values) I am getting prompted with the question “Do you really want to leave the page …”

    I then tried to comment out all instances of trigger('change') in acf-pro-input.js and acf-input.js using script debugging.

    The problem still remained.
    Has anybody come across such a problem? How could it be solved?

    I have tried to get some insights from this thread but without success.

  • Hi Perhaps you can help me as I’m not finding any documentation from the developer. I’m struggling to get the tagit field add-on to do what I want.. I’m trying to add tags using jquery and am calling this. (rhymes is the field’s wrapper id set in acf)…

    $("#rhymes .tagit").tagit( 'createTag', 'new tag name' );

    It’s not doing anything, any suggestions?

  • Hi again. So Ignore my last comment, I was just being an idiot and didn’t realise tagit was applied to an input instead of a ul for the acf plugin. Sorted that now…
    But I am having the same problem you describe with the “Do you really want to leave the page …” alert bug. I would really like to stop this but am finding it difficult navigating through the minified js from the acf tag it plugin to apply your solution. Would you be up for sharing the files for your fix?

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