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Change the Field Key

  • Is it possible to change the field key without losing the data?

    I saw in this forum (Changing Field Name Question – by peterf) that you can just change the records in the wp_postmeta table to change the key.

    But I wasn’t able to get this to work. The field simple didn’t show up anymore.

    Steps I took were (after creating a backup):
    1. export wp_postmeta to a file
    2. in the file find and replace on [old_name] to [new_name]
    3. truncate the wp_postmeta table
    4. upload/import the file

    All the changes were there but the didn’t show up when I went to ACF in WP.

    WP version: 3.9.1
    ACF version: 4.3.4

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