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Change Text Area to Wysiwyg?

  • Hi there! I was just wondering, I have a field group created and functional on one of my websites using the repeater. In the field group I have a basic text area… I have a web page populated with a number of items and don’t want any changes I make affect that page or any of the content already there. I want to change the basic text area to a wysiwyg or the WordPress wysiwyg option.If I make this change, is there any chance I will lose the content populated in the text area? I was hoping to just change the text area to a wysiwyg and **maintain** the content. Thank you for any insight.

  • Yes, you can just change a textarea to a wysiwyg field and the content in the db will not be lost. The only difference is in formatting. wysiwyg fields follow the rules of wysiwyg fields and are formatted using “the_content” filters while textarea fields are only formatted using whatever options you’ve got set for that textarea. There may be some differences in the display of the content on the front of the site.

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