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Change placeholder in a taxonomy (select2) field

  • Hi,

    I have an field group with a taxonomy field. This field has Appearance set to “Select”. Now in the resulting select2 field, I would like to change the placeholder. The only reference to the placeholder that I can find is in the javascript api so I have tried the following:

        acf.add_filter('select2_args', function( args, $select, settings ){
            if ( 'event_name' == ) {
                args.placeholder = 'Search for event';
            // return
            return args;

    Unfortunately the placeholder is still the default “Select”. Is there another way to set the placeholder for this field? Maybe on the server side?

  • The solution ended up being very simple. Just update the data in the $select variable instead of the placeholder in args. This is done by replacing the line
    args.placeholder = 'Search for event';
    $ 'placeholder', 'Search for event' );

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