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Change Image Button to Media Button

  • Since upgrading to WP 3.9.1, I can no longer access all media uploaded to a post through the image button (image field). Previously, I could access and select JPEGs as well as GIFs and PDFs through the image fields.

    Now when I upload jpegs, gifs and pdfs to a post all at once using the wp media button, and then go to each individual image field I’ve created (I have several image fields + text boxes that pull image/pdf urls and use the entered text to create an ordered list linking to the attachments), I can only select the jpeg files… the pdfs and gifs don’t appear. They do appear when clicking on the wp media button at the top of the post.

    So, do I need to change the image fields to media fields or is it a WP bug? I can also no longer search the media library by an attachments filename…

    Thanks for your help, and apologies if I didn’t explain my problem well enough.

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