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Change home_url in the pro license

  • When we started development, the ‘then’ developer went ahead and bought a license against When the server was made live, the url changed to
    When I tried to update the plugin it gave an error about the license being already in use. Referring to posts in various forums, I managed to figure out that the license is stored in DB and tied to home_url. Used the following snippet to update it.

    $save = array(
    			'key'	=> ACF_5_KEY,
    			'url'	=> home_url()
    		$save = maybe_serialize($save);
    		$save = base64_encode($save);
        update_option('acf_pro_license', $save);

    But when I click on update, it now gives ‘Download failed’. Probably the server also validates against the key and site url. We do not even have a staging and production server. It is the exact same server, just the URL has changed. So I think we are not violating the license.

    Is there any way to fix this?

  • You can:

    1) Login here:

    2) Go to: Manage Activations

    3) Remove the old site

    4) Activate the new one 🙂

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