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change form tables to divs

  • I need to get some major control over how I display fields on the user profile edit page (user-edit.php). Unfortunately, the ACF plugin generates custom fields within nested tables via javascript rather than as divs. I simply need someone to custom change the appropriate file so that I can target divs and have more control over placement of fields.

    For example, it’s impossible to place a check box directly next to a text field. Fields tend to populate the form one on top of each other. If there is an easy way around this, please share. Otherwise I’m willing to pay.

  • Hi,
    if i understood well you may want to do a custom field type

    to check if this is what you want have a look at the following tutorial

    that will give you grate control over how you field is displayed.
    but it’s maybe too heavy for what you are trying to do.

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