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Change email validation

  • Hi!

    Have a slight problem with the email validation.
    So, in Norway you can actually use characters like æ,å,ø both as a domain and username, but the validation does not allow me to use those characters as username.

    I’ve tried using acf/validate_value and other filters, but with no luck.
    Any ideas?

  • Actually, it’s not ACF, it’s your browser. I just created a form outside of WP and tested an email field and my browser would not let me submit it. I searched the ACF code and could not find anything in ACF doing validation of email fields. I suspect that ACF is tying into the browser’s built in validation of these fields.

    I could be wrong and you might want to contact the developer.

    I’d probably use a text field and do my own validation it this was required

  • Thanks for writing @hube2 🙂
    Yeah, i figured that they didn’t add any other validation than native html.
    But since the form is created by ACF on the backend, I just wondered if there was any way of changing the output so that I could add my own pattern.

    Probably going to make my own js, with setAttribute, to override the element.

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