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CFMatrix and SOLR

  • Hi,

    I have SOLR search integrated into a WP site I am working on.

    It’s a recipe site and used CF Matrix to display recipe ingredients.

    Now, I need to include the custom fields from the CF Matrix in SOLR but they don’t seem to be standard custom fields.

    Could you point me in the right direction to solve this?

  • Hi @Forest Parks

    The Custom Field Matrix plugin has been supported now for about 2 years. This is the support forum for the ACF plugin.

    If you do update to using ACF + the repeater field, you will find some ode examples on the docs page as to how to query posts via a sub field value.


  • Thanks for the reply Elliot.

    I would be willing to purchase repeater, no problem… BUT I have about 300 posts that use CF Matrix for recipe ingredients.

    I already converted other custom fields to Advanced Custom Fields. So…

    1) Is there a way to convert CF Matrix data into repeater fields? I can’t even find CF Data in the database, they don’t appear to be custom fields.

    2) Will repeater field save the data as Custom Fields? If it does then i can just convert custom fields as tags or have SOLR search the custom fields and my problem will be solved.

  • Hi @Forest Parks

    The repeater field svaes all data into the postmeta table (for a normal post).
    I can’t remember where the CFM saves its data. It is most likely the same table, but I can guarantee it is the same format.

    I am not able to write a ‘transposer’ at this time, so you may need to research the data yourself and write the code to convert it across. Please don’t feel like I am not wanting to help, it’s just that I can’t support a plugin I wrote 3 years ago which has not been developed on for at least 2 years.


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