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CF7 breaking ACF WYSIWYG editor in Block in Widget

  • I tried reporting this to CF7, but cannot discuss paid plugins apparently in the WP forums:

    This is a very specific use case.

    To duplicate
    – Create a BLOCK element using ACF Pro
    – Create ACF Repeater assigned to this block, in the repeater have a WYSIWYG editor (my case it is in a repeater, have not tested outside of the repeater)
    – In the Widget area, add this new ACF block
    – You will see that you cannot switch between Visual / Code editor and the text may start off as white on white background

    The following error shows in console
    – wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘onpageload’)
    – at wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3:354147
    – at e (wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3:354205)
    – at Se.y.bind (wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3:11640)
    – at Object.M as bind
    – at Object.init (wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3:355591)
    – at n (editor.min.js?ver=6.2:2:1864)
    – at HTMLDocument. (editor.min.js?ver=6.2:2:248)
    – at C (wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3:10800)
    – at HTMLDocument.d (wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3:10946)
    — (anonymous) @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3
    — e @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3
    — Se.y.bind @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3
    — M @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3
    — init @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3
    — n @ editor.min.js?ver=6.2:2
    — (anonymous) @ editor.min.js?ver=6.2:2
    — C @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3
    — d @ wp-tinymce.js?ver=49110-20201110:3

    Note: the block works fine on pages/posts, just breaks in widgets

    Disabling CF7 does fix the error and the widget will work fine

    This seems to be an issue with the TinyMCE integration, but without CF7 being active on the widget page I am uncertain why they would be interfering with the TinyMCE

    if anyone has any information or ideas on this I would love a solution, unfortunately I won’t be getting that from CF7 developer as he has made it clear he is uninterested in fixing it (see WP forum thread above)

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