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Certain field groups do not appear on the edit page

  • 100% certain that I have set up the logic for the field groups, but a certain specific field groups are not appearing on the edit page.
    Is there another function that could be enabled in functions.php or elsewhere that could override the default ACF behavior for displaying in the admin edit area? Other field groups are displaying without any problems.
    I am a site administrator.
    There are only two main fields in the field group, a True/False and a repeater with 5 sub fields.
    Using standard metabox, normal position, not using the WP REST API.
    ACF Pro and Extended Version 5.12.2
    WordPress 5.9

  • What are the location rules that you have set for the field group that is not appearing?

    Where do you expect it to appear?

  • I inherited a fairly complex site from a previous developer. It has a custom post type with accompanying templates and I have selected those to be displayed for the field group, but no luck in the admin area. I am curious if there is a way for this admin area selection to be overridden by a modification to the JSON file that accompanies the field group, and if so, where I would look (aside from the JSON file) to find that control. I’ve never seen this behavior on an ACF site before, so it does not appear to be a bug. I’ve developed and supported hundreds of ACF sites.

  • It is possible to alter the location rules in PHP when a field group is loaded. You could look for filters on acf/load_field_group hook. There are some other hooks that can be used for this all ending in _field_group.

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