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Category field group disappears all categories

  • Suddenly all my categories disappeared under posts > Categories.
    After putting the site in safe mode I could determine it was caused by ACF.
    Upon further searching I discovered that I could not put my category field group to draft or pending review, it won’t save and simply stays active.

    When I delete this category group, my category list appears again..
    My category group consist of an image, a true/false field and a textarea.

    Any idea what might be causing this?
    I have only used these fields for 1 category, but I do have lots of content in the textarea, maybe it’s too much?

  • I deleted the textarea from the group and that made the categories return.. so something weird is going on with the textarea.

    Edit: in the instructions field I had some html-code, where I forgot to close a class tag. Removing that content fixed it.

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