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  • Hi, I created a new custom post type for cars in wordpress.
    Now I plan to create a page for the list of brands using taxonomy or meta data, but I want to see the available series of this brand after the user enters the BMW page, and after entering the page of each series , view different generations of cars.
    How can I connect 3 separate fields?
    So that in the admin panel, something is the same as the system that exists in selecting the province and city in online stores. After selecting the province, a list of cities under that province will be displayed in the side form.

    Is this possible in ACF?


  • ACF has no ability to populate the choices in a field based on a selection in another field. It is possible, but it is something that you’ll need to code yourself.

    This is a topic that has come up here many times.

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  • Have a look at facetwp
    here is an example:

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