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Capitalization of a field output

  • I have a field to display a custom page title

    <title><?php echo the_field('custompagetitle'); ?></title>

    Existing page titles are PAGE ONE, PAGE TWO, etc. but I am looking for a way to convert them to Capitalized like Page One, Page Two, etc.

    HTML titles can not be targeted by css so I have searched for javascript or other methods to capitalize them.

    This doesn’t work

    <title><?php echo ucwords(strtolower(the_field('custompagetitle'))); ?></title>

    but not using ACF fields does work

    <title><?php echo ucwords(strtolower("PAGE TWO")); ?></title>

    Is there any way to capitalize fields?

  • Your first issue is that you are using the_field(). the_field() echoes the value. You need to use get_field(). doing this echo the_field(...) is like doing this echo(echo get_field(...))

    Using get field this should work

    echo ucwords(strtolower(get_field('custompagetitle'))); 
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