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Capabilities for Options Page

  • I missed an option to set the capability for each options page, there is only one for all, the ‘edit_posts’.

    When I have to limit the access for each group of users, such when I create a post type Events, with an options page to configure the layout and have a group of users to manage only this content. I would create an individual capability for this content like ‘edit_events’ and need to set this capability to the options page too. Is there any solution or I can create my own options page in this case?

  • Hi @edir

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Currently this is not possible unless you were to edit the core files of the options page add-on.

    I will add this request to the to-do and hopefully see it released in an update soon


  • @elliot

    I made a small change on the plugin and sent it to you. Fell free to use if you like.

  • Hi @edir

    Thanks for the email. The changes look great from the sound of it.
    I’ll read over it soon and you can expect an update out shortly!

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