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Can't use "acf" variable in my app!

    • moazam

    • December 9, 2018 at 10:26 am

    I am using Timber/Twig.

    When I create a variable “acf” and use it in the twig I get fatal error: Call to a member function has_setting() on array

    I can smell bad code here: Very poor approach to get acf instance! Please fix this issue.

  • It’s possible that the $context already contains an ACF object with the key acf and your code overwrites it. This will then destroy any subsequent use of $context['acf'] which Timber (or your Theme) needs.

    Try using a different key in your own code ($context['my_acf']) and see whether that helps, or just do a var_dump of $context['acf'] before the first line of code in your example, to see whether it already exists. Timber objects/context already have a lot of data in them, which you might not know already exists.

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