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Can't Locate extra line break in code

  • On the website I was asked to update, I am seeing a <br> tag on a couple of the buttons on the homepage which is pushing down the text alignment of the link text on the buttons.
    I searched the code high and low and can’t find where this is being added.

    It is the “Learn More” button and “Explore Careers” buttons that look wonky as a result of this. The code shows as:

    Learn More

    But when I look at the fragments/blocks/steps.php file, I am not seeing any reference to the line break.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA

  • What type of field are you using? What code is being used to display the field’s value?

  • It’s a submit button. For some reason, a <br> is appearing above the link text on the frontend.
    In the meanwhile, I’ve written CSS to display:none the <br> in the affected buttons, and that seems to work. But clearly my solution is a workaround and not addressing the root issue.

  • ACF does not have a “submit button” type field?

    How to you create the submit button? Where to you enter it? What code is used to display it?

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