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Can't insert images from wysiwyg editor.

  • Hello,

    This was not working even before the update (I was hoping the update might fix it). I can upload images to the media manager, but I cannot insert that into the page. It will not work on the first (default) wysiwyg editor, nor any editor I create with ACF plugin. I could, however, insert images via ‘Insert from URL’.

    I assume it is ACF, as when I deactivated the plugin, I could insert images again into the default wysiwyg editor.

    The site I am currently working on is:

    Any help would be fantastic.

    EDIT: This plugin is a temporary fix for this issue:

  • Hi @tomjhume

    Can you open your console log and report any JS errors during the ‘add image to WYSIWYG’ proccess?


  • Hi Elliot

    I am having the same problem and the console is not reporting anything. I have tested in FF and in Chrome.

    … using ACFPro 5.1.5

    Do you have any thoughts on this

    *Update / Resolved*
    There was a bug in my theme files!
    So the problem was not caused by ACF.

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