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Can't hide "Tags" box

  • I’m trying to hide the “Tags” box with ACF, but it stays there no matter what. All other elements I have tried to hide worked as expected.

    Here is a little info about my setup (and please let me know if you need more!):

    • WordPress 3.9 (also happened on 3.8.3)
    • Other installed plug-ins:
      • Polylang
    • Advanced Custom Fields settings:
      • Location
        • Rules
          • Show this field only if
            • Post type is equal to post
      • Options
        • Order No.: 0
        • Position: Normal (after content)
        • Style: Seamless (no metabox)
        • Hide on screen
        • Excerpt
        • Discussion
        • Comments
        • Slug
        • Format
        • Featured Image
        • Categories
        • Tags
        • Send Trackbacks
  • After further investigation, I found that this is actually a conflict with the Polylang plug-in, which renames the “Tags” box. I’m just going to solve it with custom CSS.

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