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[Help Please ] Can't get fields or their values

  • I just installed ACF Pro for the first time. I created a test field in a test group assigned to a user. I can see the field on the user page with a defined value.

    I tried all the functions listed on the docs to retrieve the field or its value in my code but Im failing.

    I tried:

    get_field( “test_field”, “user_1” );
    get_field( “test_field” );

    and the object functions as well.. I dont even see the custom field in the user meta.. what am I missing?

  • Is the user you’ve saved data for user 1?

    This code:

    get_field( 'test_field', 'user_1' );

    Gets the data for user ID 1. If you wanted user ID 9 you’d need to do:

    get_field( 'test_field', 'user_9' );

    For example.

    If you’re not seeing the data even in the wp_usermeta table something else may be going on as well.

  • Can you please provide the code you are using to output the values? or is what you posted exactly what you added to your template to show the value?

    get_field( “test_field”, “user_1” );


    echo get_field('test_field', 'user_1');


    the_field('test_field', 'user_1');
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